DSHS Trauma Registry Improvement System Assessment (TRISA) Project

Weekly Update, Week of July 20, 2009

MTG Management Consultants is in the process of collecting information from other
states..  They have surveyed states within the U.S. to request information pertaining to
their EMS/Trauma Registry applications; thus far, 27 states have responded.  Based on
the results, MTG has chosen 8 states to contact for further discussions.  They have now
visited Pennsylvania , Missouri , and Minnesota .  In addition, MTG attended an Emergency
Data Systems (EDS) conference in Lakeville Minnesota and where they had the
opportunity to speak with representatives from Alaska , Kansas , Mississippi , Nebraska ,
Virginia , and Washington about their respective registries.  
DSHS Updates
assisting your local health departments by volunteering your paramedics to work in
vaccination clinics in your area. Paramedics can be an invaluable asset during a mass
vaccination if extra personnel are needed. Please help us get Texas ready for H1N1 by
contacting your local health department offices.

You can find this information on our website:
http://www.dshs. state.tx. us/emstraumasyst