Big Country RAC
4373 Rio Mesa
Abilene, Texas 79606
office: 325-660-6081
fax: 877-412-3701
H1N1 Flu
Rural areas:
the daily RAC report on the DSHS TSA Bed Count Dashboard for the ED
and include the clinic ILI cases in your ILI census number you post on the
DSHS WebEOC board)

Office of EMS and Trauma Systems swine flu website:
http://www.dshs. state.tx. us/emstraumasyst ems/SwineFluInfo .shtm

DSHS Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines for First Responders:
http://www.dshs. state.tx. us/swineflu/ ppe_flu_responde rs.shtm

DSHS general information on swine flu:
http://www.dshs. state.tx. us/swineflu/ PPE_Guidelines_ for_First_
Responders. pdf

Interim Guidance for Cleaning Emergency Medical Service ( EMS )
Transport Vehicles during an Influenza Pandemic

Additional H1N1 information

Manager's Minutes